Buy An xBox 360: Payment Plan Options

With the xBox 360 still holding strong against the new PS3, many new gamers are planning on purchasing one. The biggest problem though is the price. At between $299 and $399 dollars it can be tricky coming up with the purchase cost all at once. Luckily, most of the major retailers offer some type of payment plan that makes the purchase much easier. Here’s a look at several popular payment plans for the xBox 360.

Walmart’s “Bill Me Later” Program

If you purchase an xBox 360 from Walmart, you have the option to use their “Bill Me Later” program. This gives you up to 90 days to pay for your xBox 360 at the retail price without any extra finance charges. The payment option is actual in the form of a loan from Chase Bank, but as long as you complete your payment within the first 3 months, you won’t be charged any interest. You have to make sure and specifiy you want to use the “No Payments For 90 Days” option when you choose to use the “Bill Me Later” program.

If you have any questions, make sure to ask the salesperson before you sign any agreements and make your purchase. Rembember, if you miss your payments or are late, the interest and finance charges can add up fast.

Best Buy’s Credit Card

Best Buy also offers great pricing on the xBox 360. Furthermore, you can apply for a Best Buy credit card. If approved, you can also split your payments over 90 days without worrying about paying any interest. Keep in mind, this credit card is only good for in-store purchases, but if you don’t make your payments on time it can still affect your real world credit rating.

As always, use store credit like this with caution. These no-interest finance options sound great – and they can be helpful if you carefully budget your money and keep track of your payments. Unfortunately, they also make it tempting to buy more than you can afford. You’ll have to ask yourself, is it really a good idea to buy an xBox 360 on this type of credit if in the end you have to pay extra fees, fines and interest because you didn’t budget well?

Paypal Credit With Ebay Purchases

If you want to get a low price on an xBox 360 and split the payments up, you might consider shopping for yours on eBay. Many eBay sellers who deal in gaming consoles also offer financing plans if you make your purchase through paypal. The details of these options vary and are only available to United States residents who pass the credit approval process. With some of the financing allowing for payments to be split up over many months without interest though, the combination of eBay prices and Paypal credit is worth looking into.

Keep in mind though, when shopping through eBay, be very careful who you deal with. Despite eBay’s strict rules enforcement, some scam artists still manage to list and sell gaming consoles such as the xBox 360 with no intention of delivering them. Luckily, in order to offer the paypal credit option, sellers have to pass a screening process which makes them much more likely to be safe to deal with.

Many other retailers offer variations on these payment plans, so you’ll probably want to do a bit more research to find out which one is rigth for you. The descriptions above should give you an idea of what to expect though and give you a solid basis for comparing any other xBox 360 payment plan options you come across.

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